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 m a d e   i n   t h e 
u    s    a

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Pergola   |   Boardwalk   |   Stone Path
Retaining wall   |   Greenhouse*   |   sheds
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K    I    O   S   K

Retail and service kiosks can be difficult projects to coordinate.  ZttX D&C will work with the vendor, design consultants, mall management, required specialty contractors and the local governing body to make the process as efficient as possible.

P O P U P   B O O T H
Beautifully crafted PopUp Booths designed for maximum customer impact and rapid installation with integrated fixtures like retail grid and lighting for use at tradeshows, festivals, farmers markets and marketing events.

P A T I O   C V E R
Cover structures are a versatile type of small building.  From house mounted deck covers to stand-alone retail kiosks or festival booths, cover structures by ZttX D&C are incredibly sturdy and beautiful and can be custom designed to fit any space.

P  E  R  G  O  L  A
Pergolas are artistic structures designed to provide mottled shade and a focal point to your landscape.   High quality Ozco hardware, OneTIME! 7-Year stain and durable Alaskan Yellow Cedar are all standard on our beautifully beamed Pergolas.

Boardwalks are attractive wooden walkways that work well in sloping or wet areas.  They provide elevated paths through soggy terrain and are a warm alternative to stone.  Built to last with Alaskan Yellow Cedar, concrete piers and OneTIME! 7-Year Stain

S T O N E   P A T H
A favorite project at ZttX D&C, our real stone pathways feature ledgestone edging, choice of step stone variety and select slabs, and  packed gravel base topped with BlueSlate Wood Stone Rock Mulch wich never molds or mildews.

R E T A I N I N G   W A L L
Retaining walls are often employed when doing site prep on one of our modular structure projects or when a flat usable space is desired where only slope exists currently.


Alaskan Yellow Cedar Frame, cutting edge 10mm Quad-Wall Polycarbonate, high quality OZCO Hardware, OneTIME! 7-Year stain, gorgeous modern designs and unique features available nowhere else give our greenhouses the versatility, look and durabilty that make them the best hobby greenhouses on the market.
*( Not Available in OR or WA )

S   H   E   D   s
Sheds or enclosed utility structures have exploded in popularity.  We design gorgeous custom utility structures using Alaskan Yellow Cedar, high-quality OZCO Hardware, LP SmartSide wall panels and OneTIME! 7-Year Stain.

Kitchen and bathroom repairs and remodels featuring custom cabinetry, unique fixtures, butcher-block counters, tile work,  appliance install, and wheelchair accessibility.

D   E   C   K   s
Innovative features and custom designs give our real wood decks a breathtaking look.  Built with Alaskan Yellow Cedar and treated with OneTIME! 7-Year semi-tranparent stain to keep your deck beautiful with minimal maintenance.

 S I L L   R O T   R E P A I R
In the NW this is an epidemic problem.  It's the type of emergency work homeowners can't plan for as they are unaware of the structural catastrophe hidden behind their home exteriors.  We source the cause of rot and handle every aspect of repair replacing doors, windows and siding along with the sill plate, floor joists and beams.  Don't delay!  Call today to schedule a free consultation.

ZttX D&C has available for contractors and DIY residential customers a variety of polycarbonate sheets and products like base and cap systems, U-channel, & breathable tape.

D   P L A N S
All zTTx projects are designed using 3D models which are then translated into plans for stakeholder, HOA and building dept revue.   In addition we provide detailed 3D modelling services for landscapers and contractors.

*Greenhouses not available in OR and WA.
**Not all products or services available in all locations.